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Concept Development

NextGen Showcase: Entdecker das Wundermuseum

In 2022/2023 I took part in the NextGen showcase, a program designed to give people with a passion for themed entertainment an opportunity to gain experience in the themed entertainment field. Over the course of 10 months, I was part of a team (Theme 5) that worked on a themed entertainment concept for a (fictional) Austrian theme park. Whilst working on our concept, we were given weekly workshops by themed entertainment professionals, covering many topics ranging from lighting design to themed entertainment operations.

My role in the project consisted of co-developing the concept, and, as technical director, translating the creative designs into a technical reality. This was done by closely collaborating with the team’s designers and selecting / designing all the various technical systems accordingly.

At the end of each of the three phases, I was also responsible for creating the presentation video that highlighted the development of the phase.

The concept

The fictitious Austrian theme park that we developed the concept for wanted something suitable for the whole family. The concept our team developed revolves around a new themed area that houses an intriguing museum that celebrates everything Austrian. Inside the museum, guests get to experience a brand new dark ride: Entdecker das Wundermuseum.

In Entdecker das Wundermuseum, guests explore the various exhibits in the museum whilst trying to recover a rogue amethyst.

Drawing of the museum exterior and surrounding area

Area overview by Laura Wheatman

Technical design

In order to make ride as maintenance friendly, and reduce downtime various technical decisions were made. The show control systems are concentrated in three central locations. Each of the dark ride scenes has its own input and output nodes which connect to the central show control over the network. Since all equipment is network connected, deployment can be flexible and equipment health can be monitored remotely.

Examples of my technical design documents can be found here.

Drawing of the museum exterior and surrounding area

Ride control system schematic overview

Final presentation video

At the end of each phase, I created the presentation video to share our progress with all involved stakeholders. Below you can see the final presentation video.

The team

Dennis van Oossanen

Project Manager

Laura Wheatman

Concept Artist

Matt Georgel

Art Director

Adam Whittaker

Project Coordinator

Elly Richards

Concept Artist

Francisco Javier Alvarez


Dan Wright

Creative Director

Sanne van Bussel

Concept Artist

Delano Offermans

Show Producer

Leroy Koevoets

Team Mentor

Rosie Willoughby

Story Writer & Sound Designer