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Design and Build

Mushroom lantern

Whereas normally my lighting projects tend to have a fairly non-organic appearance, I decided to take a different route this time. I wanted to create a light that felt magical.

Out of silicone, metal wire, and paint, I crafted three mushrooms with LEDs in them. Whenever someone approaches the light, the LEDs fade on and slowly start pulsating in brightness. The lights are controlled by an Arduino Nano style micro controller. The lights are motion activated using a radar sensor in the base. This radar sensor allows for motion detection without any visible sensors on the outside of the base, further enhancing the “magical” aesthetic. To further strengthen the magical effect, I wanted the light to be completely wireless, as to not give away that it is an electrical appliance. Therefore, I opted to power the whole system using a lithium battery with appropriate protection and charging electronics built into the base.

To make room for all the electronics, I milled pockets for all the electronics in the base, as well as installed 3D print a plastic spacer ring to make room for the charging port.